Alex's party will be a Hoot!!

I am so excited to be helping a wonderful long time friend who just happened to be my boss many moons ago plan her gorgeous little girl's first birthday!!  They are currently living in China and are coming back to Oz especially for her birthday which of course made me jump for joy as it has seems like years since we saw each other but it is only 6 months since they have been gone!  I can't wait to see them and celebrate Alex turning 1!!  I am having lots of fun sourcing cute things for the party and of course l put my hand up to help as you know l just love to plan a party!!  I am loving my new printer and are amazed at what a professional job it does and l am itching to buy some party printables to test it's skills and mine!! hahaha!!  I also can't wait to make some cookies and cake pops which l will need to practice over the coming weeks but l have found the most gorgeous little containers to put my pops in so l am just a bit excited!!  I came across Sweet little Birdy on Facebook and l have to say her shop is just beautiful with so many wonderful things to help create a beautiful party so check out her site!!

Sweet Little Birdy sell these for $19.95 and they are just too cute!

And these little squeakers are just darling for only $20

Alex's party is going to be a hoot with an owl theme setting the mood and l can't wait to see it all take shape as Flick has some brilliant ideas and l am so happy that she has included me to assist with Alex's big day!!  So yesterday l got to planning and bought an owl cookie cutter and l might even make some owl fondant toppers for cupcakes but l will see how l go and what needs to be made??

Created by Trisha from Stampin' and Craftin' and hoping mine are just as cute!!
Whilst l was shopping on Riches n Realms  which has an amazing range of cookie cutters and cake decorating supplies as well as party goods at really good prices l thought l would also buy some things for Kaitlyn's up coming Alice in Wonderland Party!!  So l bought a teapot cutter and teacup cutter and some very gorgeous antique key chocolate moulds and l have some brilliant ideas on what to do with these but l will keep you anticipating until the party!!  For now l am concentrating on cute little owl cookies and cake pops and whoooo knows l might even get to making that macaroon tower!!  I have the new Donna Hay Macaroon mix which l can't wait to test and see if it is up to scratch and as easy as it sounds??

I will be doing some test runs in my un-renovated kitchen in the coming weeks and will post some pics of my attempts ... the good and the bad .... after all l am only human with 3 kids, a husband, two fish and a dog and it is school holidays and we have a kitchen in our garage waiting to be installed!!!!  God please give me strength to have patience!!

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  1. Hi Larissa

    Hope your party plans go well! So brave to do it during renovations! :)

    BTW, I noticed on FB you were after Meri Meri. Drop me an email (( if you are still interested as I'm hoping to put a large order in and maybe I can help you out.

    P.S. Hope you don't mind I contacted you this way. Wasn't sure how else to do it...