{Celebrate} Laser Tag Party for Byron's 10th Birthday Bash!

Laser Tag Party Dessert Table
I can hardly believe that my little boy is already 10 years old and is growing up so quickly!!  It feels like yesterday when we welcomed him into the world and held him in our arms for the first time.  It is so true how time just seems to slip by and each year seems to go quicker and quicker. I remember his first year and how l was wishing for him to grow up and meet all his milestones and now l just want him to stop growing and be my sweet little boy forever.

Birthday Boy prepared for COMBAT!
This year we celebrated Byron's 10th birthday with a Laser Tag Party!  The venue l found was FANTASTIC and involved 2hrs of high energy activity outdoors in a paint ball style environment but using lasers.  The kids and Dad's loved it!!  Everyone got kitted out in camouflage coveralls, war paint and got to pick their weapon of choice and competed in teams to declare a winner.  Unfortunately "Team Byron" only won 1 of the battles but they still had lots of fun! The staff at Laser Strike Geelong http://www.laserstrike.com.au/battle-fields/cid/41/parent/0/pid/5/t/battlefields/title/geelong were AMAZING and ensured that everyone had a great time.

Team Byron ready for Urban Warfare at Laser Strike Geelong

Cadet Kaitlyn ready for battle
The Artillery
For Byron's Party this year l used editable printables from Margot Madison Creative Stationary.  I found her laser tag printables on ETSY http://www.etsy.com/listing/92141024/laser-tag-party-printables?ref=usr_faveitems and really loved them and was inspired by her bright linear designs and knew l could create something special for his 10th Birthday Celebration!  With her printables l made invitations, "Team Byron" arm bands, (inspired by Margot Madison's son's laser tag party blog post) cadet lunch pack labels, water bottle labels, food labels, edible images for cookies, lolly bag labels, cadet name labels, favour thank you labels and signs for the dessert table!  The fact that the printable files were left blank meant l had free reign to create so many different printables for this party!

The Laser Tag Invitation
The Laser Tag Arm Bands
Lunch Pack Collection Station

Laser Tag lunch Provisions
Cadet Lunch packs
Water Bottle with Cadets Names

The party started at 12pm with a 40 minute commute to Laser Strike so l created some provision packs for the cadets to ensure they kept up their energy levels.  The packs included chicken wraps, chips, fruit chews, a mini chocolate bar and a bottle of water to tide them over for 3 hrs until they returned for the Victory Celebration!

Laser Tag Party Dessert Table
For the Dessert Table I constructed a back drop out of pegboard so l could hang the favour bags on it and also bought a paint ball mat which l attached to the centre to add a splash of camo colour to the table!  I then used a plain canvas and added ribbons in varying widths to replicate the printables and be a focal point for the cake.

Refueling Station
The Candy Boxes
Upon their return there was an assortment of savoury party food including cocktail frankfurts, sausage rolls, party pies, chips, dips and cheese as well as some sweet treats including vanilla bean cupcakes with buttercream icing and fondant toppers, vanilla bean cookies with editable images, bunker bars using choc squiggle bars from Aldi cut in half and an assortment of candy to make up their own lolly bags.

The DIY Laser Tag Party Candy Buffet
Laser Tag Party Bunker Bars
More Colourful Candy for DIY Lolly Bags
Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Buttercream and hand made fondant toppers
The Birthday Cake was a MASSIVE Chocolate Ripple Cake which was 7 inches wide by 7 inches high and decorated with sour straps in the same linear pattern as the printables.  (I made my own cake stand as l couldn't find one in red and constructed this out of a spindle, coaster and placemat but l will post about that another time!)
Massive Chocolate Ripple Cake decorated with sour straps for Laser Tag Party

Vanilla Bean Cookies with edible images made into a Cookie Garland
Mini Nerf Gun take home favours for Laser Tag Party
All children took home a mini Nerf gun, candy box and a cookie for their "Thank You" favours and the memory of an action packed birthday party!  I had so much fun creating this party..even though it is not my usual girlie styling..it was fun creating something a little different and l hope you have enjoyed seeing how we celebrated Byron turning 10!

Take Care and don't forget to Bake, Create and Celebrate!



  1. Larissa, this is amazing! What a fabulous job creating a complete party package. Thanks for the link.

  2. This is awesome! My son is having a laser tag party next month to celebrate his 10th birthday. You have definitely given me inspiration! THANK YOU :)

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