I'm in Love with Boutique Affairs

Now l am not sure if it is ok to be in love with a dessert table company but l have to admit that l have found the company of my dreams in Boutique Affairs!!  Oh my gosh l just could not help but swoon over her amazing creations and to think she is in Melbourne too totally astounded me!!  I thought dessert tables of this caliber were only available in the USA and not homegrown in Australia yet alone in our own backyard in Melbourne! Wow, Wow, Wow!!  I have to admit l did feel a bit inadequate with my homemade attempt at a dessert table after seeing her amazing show cases but l quickly recovered and put Boutique Affairs up on a pedestal where they belong!!  I really can't wait to see what she creates next??  I am sure it will be drool worthy and will inspire the masses!!  So if you are planning an event then you really need to check out the amazing work by my latest crush Boutique Affairs!  http://www.boutiqueaffairs.com.au/index.html
Mwa l just love you!! hahahaha!  So grab a cuppa a bask in the beauty of Boutique Affairs!  Enjoy!

Evas Enchanted Garden Party

Estelle's Vintage Birdie Party

Max Turns 2 (Blue Dessert Table)

Pieces o' Eight Pirate Party

Christmas Lolly Buffet

Candy Shop

Princess Tea Party

Black and Cream Wedding

All White Dessert Table

Lily Chic Events: Lily Loves....A Winter Warmer Giveaway!

Lily Chic Events: Lily Loves....A Winter Warmer Giveaway!
Hey l came across this AMAZING give away today but it ends tonight so come on over and start clicking away on Face Book! It truly has some inspiring suppliers and l would have to say it is the best give away l have ever seen! Crossing fingers, toes, legs, arms ..... mmmm can l get some extra things to cross?? hahaha! good Luck to everyone and Thanks to lily for putting this give away together!

Sneak Peak Grant Studios Project Babushka

Ok so here is just a little sneak peak at what l have been creating for Grant Studios ... you know that fabulous paper company that l keep raving about!!  I am currently preparing some tutorials for them so you too can make your own cupcake wrappers and cupcake picks and cute paper rosettes to use to decorate oh so many items!

I will post the tutorials when Grant Studios prepare their Party Special so you can all get a bit crafty with Grant Studios and their gorgeous papers and embellishments!  I decided to use the Babushka patterned papers for this party inspiration!! Too Much Fun!!  But of Course with all the excitement of styling this table l totally forgot to display the babushka doll l bought for the project!! hahahaha!  Oh well it was still lots of fun using the ikea girls tea set to display the little treats and don't you just love the cute cupcake stands from Robert Gordon??

They are actually a cupcake lazy susan!!  Too Cute! Can't wait for the girls to use these at Kaitlyn's Alice in Wonderland party!

Cupcake D'lights delightfully South African Couture for Cakes

Well it is getting closer and closer to the day that my gorgeous sister in law to be Deb and my brother Al will be getting married in South Africa and well the time to start making plans has commenced!  So they have just over a year to start making plans from the other side of the world so of course l decided to jump on board and become the wedding stylist well that is the title l have given myself! hahahaha!

I have been having so much fun assisting Deb in deciding on what style of wedding she wants and finding suppliers for her BIG day!!!  They had already decided upon the venue last year and in a few weeks they are back to South Africa to make final plans and meet and greet some suppliers and do some wedding dress shopping!!!  Oh how much fun!

Oh how l love a wedding!!! Or maybe l just love planning!!  Yep l think that is really my forte! Planning, searching, organising!  I LOVE IT!!! So l have become a little obsessed with looking at real weddings in South Africa!!  Just mildly, well my mildly means very!!! It has been great to be able to see the suppliers other people have used so we can try and find some that are close to their venue!  Thanks goodness for the internet!!!

So on one of my many searches l came across the most AMAZING Cake Designer as l like to call her because her cakes really are a work of art and not just a mere decorated cake!!  Cake Couture has never looked so good and her Chanel Function pictures really do showcase her amazing talent and attention to detail! So who is this AMAZING cake designer??? Zalita of Cupcake D'Lights located in Durban South Africa and she is a blogger too so check out her page!!

So l think l may have convinced my brother to go with a dessert buffet as opposed to a plated dessert after looking at these gorgeous photos!!  Her Creations are truly inspirational!!

I also think that a Dessert Buffet is a great design feature to incorporate into a wedding or any event really as it can bring all of your design concepts together and make it a real focal point as well as adding a personal touch!

Zalita's cakes sound absolutely scrumptious and if l lived nearby l would definitely be indulging in a Lindt Choc Fudge Cupcake or a lemon curd cupcake....mmmmmm.... just the thought is making my mouth water!  Well l think l had better go bake myself some cupcakes then ..... off to the kitchen l go!!!

Lilly the Mermaid a Party Inspiration!

Last week l was having a squiz at Grant Studios facebook page as l just love their products and l use them frequently for all my crafting projects when l saw the cutest range of dolls to make and well l fell in LOVE with Lilly the mermaid!
It was rather coincidental that Studio Girl has brought out this range of dolls just when l was thinking of having a go at making another rag doll as my daughter has been bugging me for quite a while to make her one of her very own when low and behold this new range comes out and l think well maybe she can make her own!! hahahaha!  With a little help from mamma of course!
Dolls are available at spotlight and come in popular girl themes such as princess, ballerina, fairy and mermaid but Lilly is my favourite!!
You can view the others here http://www.grant.com.au/index.php?PCID=15468
Now if only they would make an Alice and Queen of hearts for me????
So of course from this little product sparked an idea for a mermaid party so l got onto Estsy for some Party printables inspiration and came across these from Poshtique and thought they were just adorable so here is the link if your planning a mermaid party!!

Aren't they just gorgeous and l think they go so well with Lilly the mermaid!!  You could use these gorgeous dress up dolls as the focal point of the party where all the girls make a Lilly, Petal, Angie or Ruby or give them as a prize or even a favour??  And another product that l love is these Once Upon a Time Packs from Studio Kidz whereby the girls could create their very own underwater mermaid scene using re-usable stickers or even have them create and you laminate for a gorgeous place mat!

Did l mention that l LOVE Grant Studios??  Now l can't wait to see what they make next!!  I am certain it will inspire another Great Party Idea!  Check out their website for more amazing products to make and create and use for your next party!!! http://www.grant.com.au/index.php?PCID=12845

Hope you too are inspired just like me and now l might finally finish those sock monkies l started 2 years ago!  hahahahaha!
Take Care and bye for now ......

What a Doll!!! The Cutest Party Ever!

Since l have not been feeling well l think l have been spending just a wee bit too much time on the web and especially Etsy but my gosh the things you can find and l think l definitely hit the jackpot when l came across todi designs who is a freelance illustrator and she creates the most amazing party printables and they are available for sale on her Etsy shop along with other gorgeous items!

So what made me go WOW???  Well it was her Paper Doll Party and the Kokeshi  Doll Party which are both just tooooo adorable for words and now l so wish l was doing one of these parties for my girls but Audrey's Party is not for another year and Kaitlyn is having an Alice in Wonderland Party and well my son l think would prefer not to have a doll party so if someone else would like me to help do one of these parties then oh me oh my l am so up for it!!  Otherwise l will just have to wait until next year!

So here come the Amazing Creations of todi design Boutique!

Now for the Kokeshi Doll Party!

So l hope you are now crushing on this amazing designer and follow her on her blog http://todidesign.blogspot.com/ just like l have done as l am sure she is destined for great things!!   All l can say is AMAZING!!!

Party Box Frustration!!!

Ok l don't know if you all know this well you probably won't as l only started this blog like 2 months ago!!  But last year l was supposed to have a Alice in Wonderland Party for Kaitlyn but my Son's Camp Out Party went just a tad overboard so we decided that this year we would do it so that l could plan it properly!  Byron and Kaitlyn's Birthdays are only 2 weeks a part so 2 parties in that space of time well l just don't have enough SPACE!!!  So they are now alternating the years they have a BIG party so that Mummy doesn't have a meltdown!

flower shop small cake box by Meri Meri
pretty pansies cupcake kit by Meri Meri

     l have started with the planning for the party and thought it would be cute to be a tea party for the girls and they can decorate some cupcakes and then take home in some gorgeous boxes.  l found some that are just so DEVINE but l am having problems buying them!!  NOW FANCY THAT!!!  Think it is making my hubby happy because l may just have to resort to making them myself!  It really is driving me bonkers as l contacted Meri Meri directly and then they put me onto the Australian distributor but there seems to be no one stocking their Bake me a Cake range which is just Wonderful and whimsical and l could buy the whole lot on credit card of course!! hahaha!  So l then contacted one of my favourite Party stores LARK but it looks like they won't be stocking them either so now l either need to become a wholesaler or make them myself!  So yep looks like l will have to make them so thank goodness l have like 4 months to figure out how to make a cupcake box look like a house!

Now for some good news ..... Julie from In Good Company did let me know that there were now some Alice In Wonderland Photo Booth Props available to go with the Alice In Wonderland Party Printable Pack that l am intending on using for Kaitlyn's Birthday or should l say Un Birthday??  So now l am just brimming with excitement and creative mojo!!  ohhhhhh could be fun to create a photo booth with the hall of pictures??  I just LOVE this company and their Party Printables are excellent value for money and they provide excellent instructions and if only they had a shop here in Melbourne l am sure l would be keeping them in business with all of the gorgeous items in their shop but at least we can still buy the Printables!  Check out their site it is FABULOUS!!  VERY VERY INSPIRING!!! http://www.ingoodcompany.co.za/  Even Amy Atlas thinks so and used their printables for the Bride in Wonderland Spread below featured in Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas.

Now l am considering postponing my Ken & Barbie Party until next year as l have not been feeling very well for quite a while but have been hesitant to do anything about it!! l still have the inspiration for the party but just not the drive to execute it!!  I will wait for my test results from the stomach ultrasound next Friday before l make any rash decisions though as l am also suffering with the flu! Argghhhhhh! I HATE feeling SICK!

However l do not want to leave on a negative note so l will post some of my favourite Tea Party Inspired items from LARK!!  Gosh l LOVE LOVE This Shop!  If you too want to have a bit of a Larkmade in your life then check out their site http://www.larkmade.com.au/
Truly Scrumptious Cake Stand
Utterly Scrumptious Teapot Vase
Cath Kidston Flatpack Picnic Set
Ok so bye for now and l hope you LOVE my latest entry as l seem to be in a LOVEY DOVEY Mood today!

Kiss Hug Kiss 

My Cake Creations

Now l have to say l think l have come a very long way since l started with my first ever birthday cake 8 years ago!!  Of course it was way before we had a digital camera so l only have photos of cakes post digital camera to share them with you!!! I hope you enjoy seeing some blasts from the past!!! I know they bring back great memories for me and think l might even step back in time and post some pics from my parties over the years!!  Gosh l LOVE being a MUM!!!  And wannabe PARTY PLANNER!
Byron's 3rd Birthday pirate Party

Kaitlyn's 1st Birthday Flower Garden Cupcakes
Olivia's Christening Cake

Olivia's Christening Cake & Ali & Darren's Wedding Cake

Millie's Christening Cake

Byron & Kaitlyn's Circus Party

Audrey's Christening Cake

Byron's 6th Birthday Explorer Party

Kaitlyn's 4th Fairy Party

Lucinda's 1st Birthday Dress Cake

Kaitlyn's 5th Luau Birthday Cake

Audrey's 2nd Birthday Teddy Bear Tea Party

Byron's 2nd Birthday Car Cake

Caitlin Anne's 6th Bithday Teacup Cake

Byron's Lego Star wars 7th Birthday Cake

Kaitlyn's 6th Birthday Tea Party

Audrey's 3rd Birthday Fairy Cake
                          Diesel's 4th Birthday Super Hero's Cake

I Hope you have all enjoyed looking at cakes old and new!! l know it has brought back so many memories and also the need to clean up my hard drive!! hahaha!

Take care for now and l will be back soon with some more of my ramblings!