{Celebrate} Audrey's Cake & Confetti Party (Part 2)

It definitely has been a while between posts and l so apologise...but sometimes life just gets in the way...or should l say celebrating does....LOL!!! I would now like to share with you some of the details of Audrey's Cake & Confetti Party!!

Audrey's party was full of cake, friends and funfetti!!!  I set the scene for the party with the decorations which consisted of a gold mylar streamer backdrop with a fringed fabric garland hanging above the dessert table.  I also cut large confetti dots in the colours of the party and filled clear balloons with them and attached some handmade balloon boas and balloon ruffles in co-ordinating colours beside the dessert table and around the party room.  I used co ordinating fabrics for the tables and made gold sprinkle plates for the tableware and gold tins for the vases.  I really enjoyed creating all of the party decor and edible decorations for this party and if you need something especially made for you then you can order them in my Etsy Store

{Celebrate} Audrey's Cake & Confetti Party (Part 1)

For Audrey's 5th birthday this year we decided to celebrate it with some cake & confetti!  I wanted the party to be fun, colourful and of course sweet, so what better than with confetti & cake and of course sprinkles!
l had the privilege of collaborating with some amazing women to bring this fun theme together and developed some amazing friendships in the process!  I love how a creative collaboration can bring together people from all parts of the world in the quest to create something memorable and special!

The lovely Sara from Confetti Sunshine set the scene for the party by creating the most adorable printables using some fabric l had bought for inspiration!  I love how well chevron and confetti work together and think it really is a match made in heaven!! You must pop on over to Sara's blog Confetti Sunshine for so many amazing ideas and of course the confetti printables!!

{Celebrate} Sniff, Swirl & Sip 30th Wine Tasting Birthday Party

Over the weekend we celebrated my sister in law turning 30 with a sniff, swirl and sip party.  A while ago we had hosted a wine tasting at their home and this time around she wanted to do a blind tasting to celebrate turning 30.  

{Celebrate} To Mom with Love...a Retro Tea Party for Mother's Day!

This Mother's day styled shoot was inspired by some beautiful free printables l found on Yesterday on Tuesday by Free Pretty Things For You .  I think it was love at first sight when l saw these pretty vintage floral printables which evoked a sense of nostalgia and took me back to the 1950's! It reminded me of bundt cakes and jelly slice and pretty little cupcakes with sugar flowers and so off to the kitchen l went to create a pretty retro inspired tea party for my best friend and our little girls!

{Interview} 5 minutes with Kylie from Sweetpickings Candy Buffets

image via https://www.facebook.com/FlyingCowPhotography
Another of our lovely collaborators is Kylie from  Sweetpickings Candy Buffets who was sweet enough to supply a number of hire items for Audrey's Cake & Confetti Party.  Sweetpickings is a candy buffet & styling company but Kylie also offers a fabulous assortment of items for hire for all of the DIY's out there like myself!!  Her customer service is impeccable and attention to detail is wonderful.  Not only is Kylie a lovely person but she is always there to lend a hand or offer advice!  After using Kylie's service l am now a convert from buying to hiring and she is on my list of go to vendors!!
I have really enjoyed working with Kylie over the past few weeks and getting to know her and now you can get to know a little bit more about Kylie too with our 5 minutes with interview!

{Interview} 5 minutes with Jacqui from The Iced Biscuit

The lovely Jacqui from The Iced Biscuit is another one of the delightful collaborators for Audrey's Confetti & Cake Party!  I have really enjoyed working with Jacqui and getting to know her over the past month!  Now you can find out a bit more about this talented lady too, with our little 5 minutes with interview segment!

{Interview} 5 minutes with Sara from Confetti Sunshine

The lovely Sara from Confetti Sunshine has been one of my blogging idols for quite some time now, so l was so excited when she agreed to collaborate on Audrey's Cake & Confetti Party!  I am truly inspired by Sara's creative ideas and her generosity and look forward to sharing the printables she created for Audrey's Party, but for now l thought we would get to know our collaborators a bit more!!  l have come up with a "5 minutes with" segment so we can get to know a little more about these lovely ladies and what influences them creatively and in their everyday lives. 

{Bake} Bocca Negra Cake - A Post Easter Treat!

Over Easter we ate A LOT of chocolate and now that it was all gone it left me wanting more so l decided to bake the most chocolately cake ever!  It is rich, moist, fudgy and dense!  Quite like a massive chocolate molten pudding that can be shared!
If your not a fan of chilli & chocolate then you could easily leave it out and l thought this recipe would be great to use up any left over Easter Eggs but of course the better your chocolate the better the result!

{Celebrate} Confetti Easter Eggs

Today we decided to celebrate Easter by making some fun confetti Easter eggs!!  Audrey had a little too much fun creating these...especially when it came to the smashing part!!

I made a hole with scissors and then drained, washed and dried the eggs

Grab your confetti supplies for filling and decorating

{Create} Re-upholstering Chairs with Oil Cloth

When l lived in the Netherlands l discovered a love for all things Dutch and it is here where l fell in love with Kitsch Kitchen and Mexican Oil Cloth!  I always admired how easily my friend embraced colour and wasn't afraid to experiment with bold patterns and change her decor according to the seasons!! Oh how l miss Holland!!

So the other week when l was in Spotlight, l saw some gorgeous oil cloth on the clearance table.  l had been wanting and needing to reupholster my kitchen chairs for quite a while but couldn't find any upholstery material that REALLY inspired me!!  I had been searching for something that was bright, colourful and fun and not to mention easy to keep clean, so when l saw oil cloth for only $5 per metre l bought a whole heap and went home to experiment!!

I was not so sure how the oil cloth would go being an upholstery material but it worked a treat!!  Now when the kids drop food or spill drinks, which they do frequently, l can easily wipe it up, so right now l would say that this was the best experiment ever!!

So here is my tutorial on how to re-upholster chairs with oil cloth!

{Bake} A Sweet Donut Peach Galette Recipe

A while ago l collaborated on a Valentines Day shoot with Bianca from Blush loves Mint and thought l would share a few pics and a most delicious recipe! You can find more of the pictures on my facebook page Will you be my Valentine Album?

{Create) Introducing "Miss Woodland" by Todi Boutique and T Shirt Tutorial

As you all l know l am rather obsessed with all things pretty and crafty and have a wee little passion for paper dolls!  I was smitten with Todi Boutiques beautiful paper dolls the very first time l saw them and am so excited to introduce to you the beautiful "Miss Woodland".