{Create} How to make Giant Freckle Party Favours Tutorial

As l write this little tutorial for you all l am quite sad, as my faithful friend of nearly 10 years has died!  She has seen our family grow over the years and captured all of our special moments.  She has been there to capture those newborn milestones, as well as all the memorable parties and of course she has been my ever faithful blog companion...she is my Minolta 7D Camera!

These are the last images l was able to capture before her on/off switch decided to disintegrate in my firm and loving hands! So may her memory live on in the many images she captured over the years and the joy she has brought to our family!  With this blog post l commemorate my Minolta 7D who lovingly provided these images in her final moments for this Giant Freckle tutorial.

These Giant Freckles are so so easy to make and are perfect for Party Favours!  I mean who doesn't love chocolate and sprinkles??  Such perfect companions!

So here is a list of supplies required to create your very own Giant Freckles!

What you need:

Mont Marte Paint Mixing Trays
White, Milk or Dark Chocolate Chips (choice is yours!)
Sprinkles in whatever colour combo you desire!
Clear Cello Bags and Pretty Paper for Packaging
Glassine Bags for Packaging and a Thank You Tag!  

These Mont Marte Paint Trays are the perfect mold for giant freckles or you could try a large muffin tray alternatively.

You can use white, dark or milk chocolate and melt in the microwave at 30 sec intervals until almost melted and stir until fully melted and smooth.

Sprinkles are so much fun..try experimenting and making your own mix or use one colour to match your colour scheme!

{Celebrate} Ken & Barbie Party

Nearly 1 year ago l celebrated my 35 + 1 Birthday with a Ken & Barbie Party!! For those of you, who have followed my blog for sometime, will know that this party was in the planning for like FOREVER!!!  Everyone thought it was the party that would never happen, but l finally pulled everything together and we all had a great night dancing away in the Barbie Mansion!

It was a Fabulous night, but of course there were many a dramas to contend with!  Last year just seemed to be the year where the weather gods did not pay me any favours, and every single party we had there was rain, rain and a bit more rain. On this particular occasion we accidentally created a rooftop pool in our marquee due to a huge downpour of rain, which saw us frantically scooping up all of the water at 3am in the morning prior to the big Party!!  Luckily on the night the Party Gods shined upon me and not one single drop fell from the sky.  It was definitely a party to remember and l am so glad l can share it with you all!

There are so many sides to Barbie that l wanted to incorporate a few different styles in various areas to encapsulate this.  For the Dessert Table l wanted it to emulate Vintage Barbie so l used the Doll Silhouette and the classic pink and black colour combo for inspiration.  My wonderful friend Diletta from Todi Boutique designed some beautiful printables with various patterns in pink, black & white for this theme and also incorporated the Ken and Barbie silhouette which formed the basis for my backdrop.

 For the dessert table l wanted to create a classic parlour feel so l hung curtains and used a black & white patterned wrapping paper to create wall paper. I then hung the framed silhouettes and used a white dressing table and two smaller tables to display the desserts on.  I also hung a beautiful Pink Chandelier from the lovely Kylie at Sweetpickings Candy Buffets to complete the classic 1950's Glam vibe!

{Celebrate} Audrey's Cake & Confetti Party (Part 2)

It definitely has been a while between posts and l so apologise...but sometimes life just gets in the way...or should l say celebrating does....LOL!!! I would now like to share with you some of the details of Audrey's Cake & Confetti Party!!

Audrey's party was full of cake, friends and funfetti!!!  I set the scene for the party with the decorations which consisted of a gold mylar streamer backdrop with a fringed fabric garland hanging above the dessert table.  I also cut large confetti dots in the colours of the party and filled clear balloons with them and attached some handmade balloon boas and balloon ruffles in co-ordinating colours beside the dessert table and around the party room.  I used co ordinating fabrics for the tables and made gold sprinkle plates for the tableware and gold tins for the vases.  I really enjoyed creating all of the party decor and edible decorations for this party and if you need something especially made for you then you can order them in my Etsy Store