{Bake} Old Skool Toffee Apples for School!

A couple of weeks ago the kids asked me what treats l used to eat as a child??  It brought back many a memories of grocery shopping with my Mum on a Thursday night and choosing either a Chocolate Freddo or a Toffee Apple as a special treat!  Of course l always chose the Toffee Apple as it lasted longer and so l shared this little story with my children who looked at me rather bewildered and said "Mum, What is a Toffee Apple??"  Oh my, what had the modern world come to where children no longer knew what a toffee apple was??  I was flabergasted that l had never shared these special treats from my childhood and so the search was on to try and buy the kids a toffee apple and to my dismay l could not find a local shop that sold them!!  So what did l do??  I decided to make them and it gave me an excuse to use the very snazzy new candy thermometer l bought a couple of weeks back to replace my glass one which broke when we did the kitchen renovation.

{Bake} Deliciously Easy Chocolate & Frangelico Malt Tart

mmmmm deliciously easy chocolate & frangelico malt tart

Hi all over the weekend one of my best friends celebrated her Birthday and as a special treat l made her this delicious tart for our Monday Morning Tea together!  She loves chocolate and so l created this rich and delicious Toblerone inspired dessert as we don't mind a cocktail every now and then and l thought it could be a little naughty to have such a decadent dessert on a Monday Morning and it was!!

{Create} Brush Embroidery Flower Cookies and Macaron Ice Cream

10 days ago l think l had the worst baking day ever!!!  Everything l cooked just ended up being a complete mess!!  I mean l even got mashed potato wrong!!  It ended up as a potato soup!!!  My chocolate chip cookies were massive and ended up sticking to each other a bit but the kids loved them!!  Then the macaron well l should have given up on cooking for the rest of the day after my macaron disaster!!  I know where l went wrong though so at least that is a success somewhat!!

I decided on using the French method and they would have worked except l had over worked the mixture so it was too runny and so when cooked they were flat, wrinkly and very chewy!!  I did get a foot though!!  Hooray!  However l was really not very happy with the result so what did l do with my unsuccessful macarons??

mixture was runny but still managed to pipe circles well sort of....

Macarons did finally form a skin after 3 hrs resting

They started to rise and then went wrinkly!! Oh the horror!!

Very disappointed with my wrinkly but footed result!  Over mixed the mixture!

Very rewarding destroying those ugly macarons into pieces!!

Smothered on some berry coulis and Chocolate Ganache

mixed into half a tub of vanilla ice cream and the result was ...

Some very happy customers!!!  Macaron ice Cream is delicious!!

I made them into macaron ice cream and it was rather delicious and if l ever have anymore baking disasters l think l will just turn them into ice cream but not sure how mashed potato ice cream would taste?? hahahaha!!

Last week l posted a tutorial on brush embroidery flower cookies from tradewind tiaras and thought l would post my results.  You will see that l have two different results as my initial royal icing was a little runny and so it gave more of a watercolour effect to the cookie.

l thought the white icing may have been a bit too light on the yellow so l tinted the remaining icing pink and then put on a larger tip (4) as l was using my smallest tip (2) and found that it was not giving enough texture.  Once l had adjusted my royal icing and made it thicker and also used a larger tip l was very happy with the end result and really enjoyed painting in my kitchen!!

My Brush Embroidery Cookies

Icing a bit too runny but still resulted in a pretty cookie more watercolour than embroidery

The thicker icing resulted in a cookie that looked more like embroidery

Beautiful mini roses inspired some creativity!

My Brush Embroidery Flower Cookies look too good to eat!!

Sometimes l forget how much l loved to paint and draw when l was younger but l think l enjoy painting cookies more because at least l can see how much joy they bring to those l love!

Might make some nougat this week as l haven't made it in such a long time and l got a new candy thermometer which l am itching to try out and maybe some toffee apples if l can find some sticks??  I think l have finally figured out why l like to bake so much ..... shhhhhh ..... l like getting new gadgets!!  hahahaha!

Take Care and remember to Bake, Create and Celebrate!

{Create} Tradewind Tiaras AMAZING Brush Embroidery Cookie Tutorial

As you all know l am in love with cookie decorating at the moment and have seen so many gorgeous cookies and have been exploring different techniques and products to make my everyday biscuit into something a little special!  I too have been rather intimidated by the brush embroidery technique for cookie decorating and put it in the too hard basket but Nicole from Tradewind Tiara's has changed my mind!

Tradewind Tiara's Brush Embroidery Cookies

Nicole created an AMAZING Baby Shower which was featured on The Tomkat Studio called A Secret Garden and the detailing is AMAZING and the result well astoundingly STUNNING! You can see the party feature using this link http://www.thetomkatstudio.com/real-parties-a-secret-garden-baby-shower/

Tradewind Tiara's A Secret Garden Baby Shower Featured on the Tomkat Studio Blog
You will be AMAZED at Nicole's Talent!  And best of all she shares her creativity with everyone on her blog and offers the most easy but amazing tutorials! Just like her tutorial on brush embroidery technique which you can find here: Tradewind Tiaras: How to Make Brush Embroidery Cookies:

Tradewind Tiara's Lovely Cookies on handmade stand! So CLEVER!!

Nicole also offers a 3 part tutorial on how to create the Amazing Paper Flower Backdrop which I have filed away into my Inspirational Ideas Folder which l hope l get to make one day!

So go and have a look at the Tradewind Tiara Blog http://tradewindtiaras.blogspot.com/ as Nicole is one very talented woman who has inspired me to try these gorgeous cookies and there is surely something to inspire everyone as she is Just Amazing!  Can you tell l am in Awe of Nicole's Creativity??

Take Care and don't forget to Bake, Create & Celebrate!
Bye for Now