Ken & Barbie Party Inspiration

It has been a long while since my hubby and l had an Adults Only Party as all our parties seem to be focused on our kids and we never do a Party for me as is just too jammed packed with birthday after birthday and so normally we organise a party for my Hubby in August as no one seems to have too much on and it brings everyone out of hibernation!

However this year l thought why not have a belated party for myself and give everyone a reason to get together and have a bit of fun so l decided to throw myself a Barbie & Ken party!  I just LOVE the colour Pink and wish that l was Barbie with all of her houses and cars and pools and the amazing jobs and not to mention her wardrobe of clothes and shoes!!!  So it was settled that l would have a Barbie Party and incorporate the barbie silhouette and Zebra print which l think is quintessentially BARBIE!

I am currently in the planning and inspiration stages of the party but l will share with you some of the amazing Barbie Parties l have found out in blog world!

I was looking at one of my favourite Blogs P is for Party and found this amazing Barbie Party by Fantasy Celebrations and just had to share some of the inspiring pictures!!  All l can say is WOW!

I also found this gorgeous Vintage Barbie Party on Birthday Girl's Blog

So l am not sure if my Party will be so Glamorous but l will have fun making and creating!!

D'man and the Marshmallow Meltdown!!

This week l had an epic cake to make for my nephew Diesel who was turning 4!!  He was having a Super Hero's and Princesses Party and so l set out to make a cake for D'man our own little super hero!!  Now of course l could have made a cake that was simple such as a superman emblem but no no no that would then not be a Larissa cake!!!  I do like to complicate my life and make things quite difficult for myself but maybe l do this so then l will have something to write about???  Or maybe l just have these HUGE Grandiose ideas that fill my head and l have to see them come to fruition!! Mmmmm l think l like the later reason!!!

Now l have to say that whilst making this SUPER cake l did battle a case of the tantrums and not from my 3 year old oh no it was from me!! Yes me!!!  But l will explain a bit later on how this came to be!!  For now l will talk about the cake!!  I had set out to make a superman figure out of fondant on Wednesday and l have to say l did quite an amazing job as it was only my second fondant figure and it worked out much better than the Fairy!!  I then allowed quite a few days for it to dry so that when it was to be put on top of the cake it would come off of the baking paper nice and easy!!  I had been expecting a delivery of white chocolate fondant on Wednesday to use to cover the cake and make the stars out of which of course didn't come in until Friday lunchtime so l have to say l was mildly stressing as my sister-in-law really prefers this to the royal icing and l do too!!  So Friday arvo l set about making the stars and hoping they would dry by Sunday which thankfully they did but we did have to do quite a bit of lounge eating as l needed the kitchen table!!  Of course there were no objections from the kids!!

Now Saturday l was busy all day so l had allocated the evening to make the choc mud cakes and they all went to plan and then l just needed them to cool so in the morning l could roll out the white choc fondant which l cleverly coloured on the Sat evening whilst the cakes were cooking and thank goodness l did as l was really starting to run out of time!!!  The Party was to start at 2pm on Sunday so we had to leave by 1pm to get there on time!!  But of course l would encounter another challenge as it was only on Saturday night that l realised that my son didn't have any pants that fit him to wear for his costume as he was going as Indiana Jones and he had outgrown his boots so that meant an early dash to the shops on Sunday but of course they don't open until 9.30am!  So l worked on the cake from 7.30am in the morning until 9.30am icing and stacking and arranging all of the decorations to go on the top when here comes my tantrum bit ..... l realised l did not have enough white marshmallow clouds to go on the top cake so l would have to put them on the list of things to buy when l went out which was fine as l was going out anyways!!!

My husband did mention at the time that why don't l use the chocolate clouds as well and make it look a bit stormy and well l carried on like Veruka Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he made that remark!! NOOO!!!  I WANT THEM TO ALL BE WHITE THEY HAVE TO BE WHITE I WILL JUST BUY SOME MORE!!!  Now if l had listened to him in the first place which l don't like admitting then l would not have had a marshmallow melt down!! So you guessed it folks it does get worse!!  So l left the house at 10am to go to the shops with Byron and Audrey and spent quite a bit of time getting him some clothes and shoes and cards and wrapping paper and then it was off to Coles to get some icing gel pens and the cloud marshmallows but there were none there so l thought well l will try the other Coles near us but drop the kids off first and help them get ready!!  When l got home it was 11.30pm and l was frantically starting to stress out as the chocolate slabs for the buildings were not done yet and l still had to go to the shops again to find these darn clouds and l still had to have a shower and get ready!!  So out l popped again at 12pm directing my very patient hubby to make the slabs for me whilst l was out and to perhaps colour half dark grey and the other half light grey!!  Well he did make them but just did them in one colour and then he put the remaining chocolate in a metal bowl which when l came home l had another hissy fit as l said "now l can't re-melt it if l need to make more!!" and then on top of that the other Coles did not have the clouds and they had been discontinued so l had wasted 30 mins of my valuable time shopping for nothing!!!

So yes l went into a minor meltdown and cracked it fully at the thought of my husband being right in the first place and me being forced into using the chocolate marshmallow clouds!!  Of course it ended up looking great but l was sooo annoyed with myself for my poor time management and not being able to complete the cake as l had envisioned it!!  In saying that though everyone was mighty impressed and l finished the choc slab buildings when l was at the party and lucky l did as traveling all that way the slabs kept falling off and the gel icing was going everywhere so l was glad l only had to contend with keeping the front buildings intact!!  Overall everything was ok and it was a FABULOUS Party and Em and Simon put in a lot of effort and the kids LOVED it!!
So my next project is my Belated 34th Birthday Party which will be a Ken & Party Party so stay tuned ........

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Ok so l have been just a little bit slack with my posting over the past few weeks and my husband kindly reminded me that the point of blogging was to write stuff even if no one is even mildly interested but to just be a little bit egotistical and write write write even without pretty pictures!!!

This weekend was super super busy!!  It was a Birthday bonanza with my best friend's little girls birthday on the Saturday and so l packed up all the stuff from Audrey's party and brought it over to their place as she too was having a fairy party!!  Then l just packed it back up again and brought it home and thought wow what a wonderful concept to bring a party to someone's home and then take it away!!  I spend days after a party packing everything up and trying to find space for party things l may re-use so maybe there might just be a career in this for me in years to come since l have witnessed the ease of a party that comes to you!!!  It was a gorgeous party and the girls all had so much fun!!!

I did have a disaster in the kitchen on the Friday though as for some insane reason l thought it might be adorable to make pink sparkly cookie dough and fashion some wands out of it for the party and well the end result was something that looked just a little too much like playdough so l started over again and decided that plain vanilla cookie dough with some edible glitter would be the way to go and not look like something you find at a preschool! The end result was quite cute and l called them my "garden critter glitter wands" as Miss A was having a Fairy Garden Party all inspired by the gorgeous brand Belle & Boo and l think you will agree that it is the most adorable brand ever with it old school whimsy!!!

Then it was my birthday on the Sunday and l had the most wonderful day!!!  I woke up to a coffee in bed and then followed by eggs benedict and then it was out to shop all day long!!! And l LOVE shopping but by the end l was truly exhausted and couldn't wait to get home to the family for a yummy roast pork!  It was a super special day and my husband worked so hard and the kids even wrote an ode to me which was super super cute and my gorgeous son read it out and Kaitlyn illustrated the poem!  What a wonderful present!

So now l am exhausted and need to clean up my wardrobe to put all my new pretty clothes in and get my house back in order with baking for school to be done and washing to be put away and all that boring stuff!!  Well the baking ain't so boring but the other stuff l could have someone do it for me?? now that would be nice!!!  Maybe when l make a million dollars l can get a maid!!!  For now it is just little ol me!

This week l have to make a superman cake for my nephew so it is going to be interesting to see how l go with modeling a superman figure out of icing??? mmmm it's a good thing l loved plasticine as a kid! eh??

Well l hope everyone has a wonderful week and bye for now but l will post gain sooner than later!