Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Ok so l have been just a little bit slack with my posting over the past few weeks and my husband kindly reminded me that the point of blogging was to write stuff even if no one is even mildly interested but to just be a little bit egotistical and write write write even without pretty pictures!!!

This weekend was super super busy!!  It was a Birthday bonanza with my best friend's little girls birthday on the Saturday and so l packed up all the stuff from Audrey's party and brought it over to their place as she too was having a fairy party!!  Then l just packed it back up again and brought it home and thought wow what a wonderful concept to bring a party to someone's home and then take it away!!  I spend days after a party packing everything up and trying to find space for party things l may re-use so maybe there might just be a career in this for me in years to come since l have witnessed the ease of a party that comes to you!!!  It was a gorgeous party and the girls all had so much fun!!!

I did have a disaster in the kitchen on the Friday though as for some insane reason l thought it might be adorable to make pink sparkly cookie dough and fashion some wands out of it for the party and well the end result was something that looked just a little too much like playdough so l started over again and decided that plain vanilla cookie dough with some edible glitter would be the way to go and not look like something you find at a preschool! The end result was quite cute and l called them my "garden critter glitter wands" as Miss A was having a Fairy Garden Party all inspired by the gorgeous brand Belle & Boo
http://www.belleandboo.com/ and l think you will agree that it is the most adorable brand ever with it old school whimsy!!!

Then it was my birthday on the Sunday and l had the most wonderful day!!!  I woke up to a coffee in bed and then followed by eggs benedict and then it was out to shop all day long!!! And l LOVE shopping but by the end l was truly exhausted and couldn't wait to get home to the family for a yummy roast pork!  It was a super special day and my husband worked so hard and the kids even wrote an ode to me which was super super cute and my gorgeous son read it out and Kaitlyn illustrated the poem!  What a wonderful present!

So now l am exhausted and need to clean up my wardrobe to put all my new pretty clothes in and get my house back in order with baking for school to be done and washing to be put away and all that boring stuff!!  Well the baking ain't so boring but the other stuff l could have someone do it for me?? now that would be nice!!!  Maybe when l make a million dollars l can get a maid!!!  For now it is just little ol me!

This week l have to make a superman cake for my nephew so it is going to be interesting to see how l go with modeling a superman figure out of icing??? mmmm it's a good thing l loved plasticine as a kid! eh??

Well l hope everyone has a wonderful week and bye for now but l will post gain sooner than later!

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