{Create} Re-upholstering Chairs with Oil Cloth

When l lived in the Netherlands l discovered a love for all things Dutch and it is here where l fell in love with Kitsch Kitchen and Mexican Oil Cloth!  I always admired how easily my friend embraced colour and wasn't afraid to experiment with bold patterns and change her decor according to the seasons!! Oh how l miss Holland!!

So the other week when l was in Spotlight, l saw some gorgeous oil cloth on the clearance table.  l had been wanting and needing to reupholster my kitchen chairs for quite a while but couldn't find any upholstery material that REALLY inspired me!!  I had been searching for something that was bright, colourful and fun and not to mention easy to keep clean, so when l saw oil cloth for only $5 per metre l bought a whole heap and went home to experiment!!

I was not so sure how the oil cloth would go being an upholstery material but it worked a treat!!  Now when the kids drop food or spill drinks, which they do frequently, l can easily wipe it up, so right now l would say that this was the best experiment ever!!

So here is my tutorial on how to re-upholster chairs with oil cloth!

So here are my boring and very stained chair pads

Materials Required:

Staple Gun (an attached air compressor makes this a very easy and quick job!)
Upholstery mesh fabric

Here are my 6 chairs all waiting for some pretty new covers

Step 1: Remove Chair pads from base of chair

Step 2: With a screw driver and pliers gently ease out the staples

Remove Mesh and continue to remove staples and fabric
Step 3: Remove old fabric from chairs and put aside to wash (if re purposing)

Step 4: Cut your chosen fabric according to your chair pad size (can use the old fabric as a template) with an extra 20cm for folding and stapling

Step 5: Cut your upholstery mesh 5cm less than your chair pad size...so my chair pad was 40cm x 40cm so l cut my mesh 35cm x 35cm

Step 6: Place your chair pad in the centre of your cut fabric right side down and fold over 1 side and staple and repeat

Step 7: Contine to wrap the chair pad in the fabric and make nice edges by folding the corners in like wrapping a present and staple (repeat for other end)

Step 8: Take your Mesh and place the square in the centre of the chair pad and you will see this will cover your staples.  Now staple this mesh neatly to the chair pad.

Helps to have a handsome helper who is quite handy with an air compressor

Step 9: Place Chair pad on top of chair and screw into place and you have a beautiful new chair!

My little piece of Holland! A Kitsch Kitchen Inspired Dinning Table and Chairs
I hope you have all enjoyed this post and don't forget to Bake, Create and Celebrate!


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  1. I used to have this very same dining setting, looks great. I have always wondered how oil cloth would go being used on dining chairs.