{Celebrate} Confetti Easter Eggs

Today we decided to celebrate Easter by making some fun confetti Easter eggs!!  Audrey had a little too much fun creating these...especially when it came to the smashing part!!

I made a hole with scissors and then drained, washed and dried the eggs

Grab your confetti supplies for filling and decorating

{Create} Re-upholstering Chairs with Oil Cloth

When l lived in the Netherlands l discovered a love for all things Dutch and it is here where l fell in love with Kitsch Kitchen and Mexican Oil Cloth!  I always admired how easily my friend embraced colour and wasn't afraid to experiment with bold patterns and change her decor according to the seasons!! Oh how l miss Holland!!

So the other week when l was in Spotlight, l saw some gorgeous oil cloth on the clearance table.  l had been wanting and needing to reupholster my kitchen chairs for quite a while but couldn't find any upholstery material that REALLY inspired me!!  I had been searching for something that was bright, colourful and fun and not to mention easy to keep clean, so when l saw oil cloth for only $5 per metre l bought a whole heap and went home to experiment!!

I was not so sure how the oil cloth would go being an upholstery material but it worked a treat!!  Now when the kids drop food or spill drinks, which they do frequently, l can easily wipe it up, so right now l would say that this was the best experiment ever!!

So here is my tutorial on how to re-upholster chairs with oil cloth!

{Bake} A Sweet Donut Peach Galette Recipe

A while ago l collaborated on a Valentines Day shoot with Bianca from Blush loves Mint and thought l would share a few pics and a most delicious recipe! You can find more of the pictures on my facebook page Will you be my Valentine Album?

{Create) Introducing "Miss Woodland" by Todi Boutique and T Shirt Tutorial

As you all l know l am rather obsessed with all things pretty and crafty and have a wee little passion for paper dolls!  I was smitten with Todi Boutiques beautiful paper dolls the very first time l saw them and am so excited to introduce to you the beautiful "Miss Woodland".