{Celebrate} Confetti Easter Eggs

Today we decided to celebrate Easter by making some fun confetti Easter eggs!!  Audrey had a little too much fun creating these...especially when it came to the smashing part!!

I made a hole with scissors and then drained, washed and dried the eggs

Grab your confetti supplies for filling and decorating

Start filling your eggs with your confetti or glitter

There is no need to fill it right up about a tablespoon full is enough

Cut some tape and cover the hole (we love washi tape!)

Continue filling and taping all your eggs

Now gather your decorating supplies - glue, paintbrush and tissue confetti
Paint your egg with glue and start putting on your confetti
Keep covering until it is covered and let dry
Confetti Easter Eggs all ready to be smashed!

Confetti Easter Egg Smashed!
An Easter Egg full of glittery goodness!
Have a smashing Easter!!
Hope you all have a smashingly good Easter with those near and dear and stay safe!

And don't forget to Bake, Create and Celebrate!


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