{Celebrate} Ruffles and Lace Unbirthday Party - A Victorian Alice in Wonderland Party!

I never ever thought l would doubt myself as much as l did with planning my daughter Kaitlyn's 7th Birthday Party but planning an Alice in Wonderland Party proved to be a bit of a challenge for me!  I was inspired by Kaitlyn's party dress from Lemon Loves Lime with it full ruffle skirt in an Alice hue and knew we had to have an Alice In Wonderland Party.  Initially l was finding it very difficult to create a purposely uncoordinated mad hatter tea party as l discovered l have a mild obsession with co ordinating EVERYTHING!!!   However as the party evolved a real theme was created and a Ruffles and Lace Unbirthday Party manifested!

I started with some FABULOUS printables from In Good Company which provided me with a lot of scope to tailor the party to my individual taste.  l wanted the girls to be transported to a Victorian Parlor like when Alice falls down the rabbit hole and therefore had a backdrop created which then doubled as a Photo Booth.  In Good Company's Alice In Wonderland set is AMAZING and is so comprehensive and the favour boxes are to die for!!  I decided to take the white rabbit from these printables and had it featured through out the party.  It started with the invitations where each girl received a vanilla bean rabbit cookie along with their gorgeous Your late for a Very Important Date invitation.  I then had the white rabbit featured in the wooden rabbit place settings and then the paper mache rabbit which l had a bit too much fun decorating!!  They also had thank you notes and l belong to notes which l printed onto self adhesive paper and used to label the girls cupcake boxes and their take home photo.   In Good Company also provided me with the photo booth props which proved to be most entertaining!!
The girls all received a key necklace to wonderland and their Journey began where they celebrated their Unbirthday's with individual ruffle cakes and decorated their very own cupcakes with beautiful sugar flowers to take home .  I didn't want their Party Clothes to be covered in icing so l had some white aprons with black and white stripes made and a special Mad Hatter one for my son to wear!  They all made their very own Miss Wonderland Paper Doll which Dilek from Todi Boutique created for me and they had so much fun with the photo booth backdrop which my husband made out of packing sheets and some old wall paper from my grandma's house!  They all received a group photo in a card frame so they could remember their special Unbirthday tea party!

There was lots of lace and ruffles featured throughout the party from the table runners l made to the white rabbit l decorated and the down the rabbit hole wreath and not to mention the lovely ruffle plates and cake stands.  I also made a top for Audrey and headband to match the Ruffle & Lace White Rabbit as she was the white rabbit for the day!! 

All the desserts were by by me except for the Chocolate Croquembouche, fruit tarts and the Honey Panna Cotta's and the macarons l bought as one of the girls had an allergy and l didn't want to cross contaminate any of the other desserts.  I made White Chocolate Apricot Slice and Dark Chocolate Cranberry Slice in a checkerboard pattern, chocolate brownie cake push pops, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries on flamingo cocktail picks, chocolate ruffle cakes, Rose Swirl and Gilded Butterfly cupcakes, coconut ice, vanilla bean cookies in hearts, teapots and teacups topped with white chocolate fondant, gold dusted chocolate keys and white chocolate gilded teaspoons and vanilla cupcakes to decorate. 

I had so much fun creating this party and making the girls feel like they had all just fallen down the rabbit hole into Wonderland!

A Big Thank You to Dilek from Todi Boutique for her support and collaboration on this party!  She proved to be an invaluable sounding board for ideas and helped me to bring all the elements of the party together with her custom designed party printables and the GORGEOUS Miss Wonderland paper Doll!

Also l can't forget my gorgeous husband who is my technical consult and makes my humble designs come to life!!  And my Brother and Deb for their help with setting up all our parties!  Love you all so very much!!

I hope you all enjoy the photo's and don't forget to Bake, Create & Celebrate!
Take Care

Here are vendor Details:

Alice In Wonderland Printables, Photo Props and Signs - In Good Company http://www.ingoodcompany.co.za

Large Signs - Used Grace Taylor Vintage Bright Die Cut Frames with In Good Company Printables

Miss Wonderland, Food Signs and Place Setting Printables - Todi Boutique http://www.etsy.com/listing/80380922/paper-doll-envelope-miss-wonderland

Sugar Flowers - My Top Hat Cakes

Aprons - Mallee Aprons

Chocolate Croquembouche and Tarts - Chimmys Cakes

Honey Panna Cotta - Sister In Law

Rabbit Footprints and Direction Signs - Poshtique Designs

Party Concept, Design and Styling - by Me (Larissa)

Flower Arrangements, Decorations and Table Runners  - by Me (Larissa)

Photographer - My brother and me (Larissa)

Photo Booth - My Clever Husband!


  1. Larissa! Every detail is breathtaking!!! I really think you were born to do this! Congrats on an awesome job! This party is so creative and adorable and the pictures are amazing! And I am so so glad to be a part of this amazing party with my paper doll and printables which you encouraged and inspired me to create the lovely Miss Wonderland! Thank you sooo much. BIGGEST HUGS!

  2. And It's always a delight to be on your lovely blog! ;-)
    Thanks again!

  3. WOW such attention to detail & visually stunning.
    An amazing job.
    X Kerri

  4. Hello Larissa! Cathy is http://solovelysweettables.blogspot.com/. I mention your blog for your party that I love! I just intall a translator for the understanding of my site! where did you find the cups? See you soon!

  5. This is so adorable! I love the giant house idea for the photobooth! We did one for an adult (not naughty, just older people) Alice party that I had so much fun with http://pegeens-commitments.blogspot.com/2012/07/alice-in-wonderland-photobooth.html . I wish I'd thought to add windows that could be looked out of like you did here! Your blog is really delightful :)