{Celebrate} Byron's 9th Birthday Breakfast!

My sweet son turned 9 last Friday and it is one of our family traditions to make the kids breakfast in our bed on their birthdays!!  I think that the children enjoy this more than the presents as it makes them feel very special and grown up!

Byron is normally a eggs benedict type of lad but that is normally the domain of my husband! (I need to leave hubby with something that he only cooks!! hahahaha!)  This year Byron's birthday was on a Friday so unfortunately due to work commitments my hubby could not make him breakfast so it was left up to me to make Byron Breakfast in bed!

So l made him ham and cheese croissants with an iced chocolate and you can see by the smile on his face he quite enjoyed them and by the meager crumbs left on the plate l would say Breakfast was a success!

We had a lovely day considering Byron was not feeling too well!!  We have all been battling with the flu for the past week but we are now on the mend!  In the evening Byron had his friends over for a Pizza and Movie Night and I will post some pictures from his party soon.

Take Care and remember to Bake, Create & Celebrate!
Bye for now

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