Ken & Barbie Party Inspiration

It has been a long while since my hubby and l had an Adults Only Party as all our parties seem to be focused on our kids and we never do a Party for me as is just too jammed packed with birthday after birthday and so normally we organise a party for my Hubby in August as no one seems to have too much on and it brings everyone out of hibernation!

However this year l thought why not have a belated party for myself and give everyone a reason to get together and have a bit of fun so l decided to throw myself a Barbie & Ken party!  I just LOVE the colour Pink and wish that l was Barbie with all of her houses and cars and pools and the amazing jobs and not to mention her wardrobe of clothes and shoes!!!  So it was settled that l would have a Barbie Party and incorporate the barbie silhouette and Zebra print which l think is quintessentially BARBIE!

I am currently in the planning and inspiration stages of the party but l will share with you some of the amazing Barbie Parties l have found out in blog world!

I was looking at one of my favourite Blogs P is for Party and found this amazing Barbie Party by Fantasy Celebrations and just had to share some of the inspiring pictures!!  All l can say is WOW!

I also found this gorgeous Vintage Barbie Party on Birthday Girl's Blog

So l am not sure if my Party will be so Glamorous but l will have fun making and creating!!

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