My Cake Creations

Now l have to say l think l have come a very long way since l started with my first ever birthday cake 8 years ago!!  Of course it was way before we had a digital camera so l only have photos of cakes post digital camera to share them with you!!! I hope you enjoy seeing some blasts from the past!!! I know they bring back great memories for me and think l might even step back in time and post some pics from my parties over the years!!  Gosh l LOVE being a MUM!!!  And wannabe PARTY PLANNER!
Byron's 3rd Birthday pirate Party

Kaitlyn's 1st Birthday Flower Garden Cupcakes
Olivia's Christening Cake

Olivia's Christening Cake & Ali & Darren's Wedding Cake

Millie's Christening Cake

Byron & Kaitlyn's Circus Party

Audrey's Christening Cake

Byron's 6th Birthday Explorer Party

Kaitlyn's 4th Fairy Party

Lucinda's 1st Birthday Dress Cake

Kaitlyn's 5th Luau Birthday Cake

Audrey's 2nd Birthday Teddy Bear Tea Party

Byron's 2nd Birthday Car Cake

Caitlin Anne's 6th Bithday Teacup Cake

Byron's Lego Star wars 7th Birthday Cake

Kaitlyn's 6th Birthday Tea Party

Audrey's 3rd Birthday Fairy Cake
                          Diesel's 4th Birthday Super Hero's Cake

I Hope you have all enjoyed looking at cakes old and new!! l know it has brought back so many memories and also the need to clean up my hard drive!! hahaha!

Take care for now and l will be back soon with some more of my ramblings! 

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today! Your cakes are adorable :)