Lilly the Mermaid a Party Inspiration!

Last week l was having a squiz at Grant Studios facebook page as l just love their products and l use them frequently for all my crafting projects when l saw the cutest range of dolls to make and well l fell in LOVE with Lilly the mermaid!
It was rather coincidental that Studio Girl has brought out this range of dolls just when l was thinking of having a go at making another rag doll as my daughter has been bugging me for quite a while to make her one of her very own when low and behold this new range comes out and l think well maybe she can make her own!! hahahaha!  With a little help from mamma of course!
Dolls are available at spotlight and come in popular girl themes such as princess, ballerina, fairy and mermaid but Lilly is my favourite!!
You can view the others here
Now if only they would make an Alice and Queen of hearts for me????
So of course from this little product sparked an idea for a mermaid party so l got onto Estsy for some Party printables inspiration and came across these from Poshtique and thought they were just adorable so here is the link if your planning a mermaid party!!

Aren't they just gorgeous and l think they go so well with Lilly the mermaid!!  You could use these gorgeous dress up dolls as the focal point of the party where all the girls make a Lilly, Petal, Angie or Ruby or give them as a prize or even a favour??  And another product that l love is these Once Upon a Time Packs from Studio Kidz whereby the girls could create their very own underwater mermaid scene using re-usable stickers or even have them create and you laminate for a gorgeous place mat!

Did l mention that l LOVE Grant Studios??  Now l can't wait to see what they make next!!  I am certain it will inspire another Great Party Idea!  Check out their website for more amazing products to make and create and use for your next party!!!

Hope you too are inspired just like me and now l might finally finish those sock monkies l started 2 years ago!  hahahahaha!
Take Care and bye for now ......


  1. Wow this is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing we definitley have to do a party feature now!

    Just stunning!

    The team at Grant Studios

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning my mermaid collection here!! You have great party ideas! I'd like to offer you a free party collection from my etsy shop for the mention. Please email me at so I can get your info.

    Thanks, Misty