What a Doll!!! The Cutest Party Ever!

Since l have not been feeling well l think l have been spending just a wee bit too much time on the web and especially Etsy but my gosh the things you can find and l think l definitely hit the jackpot when l came across todi designs who is a freelance illustrator and she creates the most amazing party printables and they are available for sale on her Etsy shop along with other gorgeous items!

So what made me go WOW???  Well it was her Paper Doll Party and the Kokeshi  Doll Party which are both just tooooo adorable for words and now l so wish l was doing one of these parties for my girls but Audrey's Party is not for another year and Kaitlyn is having an Alice in Wonderland Party and well my son l think would prefer not to have a doll party so if someone else would like me to help do one of these parties then oh me oh my l am so up for it!!  Otherwise l will just have to wait until next year!

So here come the Amazing Creations of todi design Boutique!

Now for the Kokeshi Doll Party!

So l hope you are now crushing on this amazing designer and follow her on her blog http://todidesign.blogspot.com/ just like l have done as l am sure she is destined for great things!!   All l can say is AMAZING!!!


  1. Larissa! Thank you so much for your lovely and kindest words!
    Im so happy to hear you love them :)
    I adore my party sets specially the paper dolls! They meaning so much to me and I designed them with all my heart!
    You have made amazing post with my party sets! I really appreciate this.

  2. Larissa Could you give me your email please?