Party Box Frustration!!!

Ok l don't know if you all know this well you probably won't as l only started this blog like 2 months ago!!  But last year l was supposed to have a Alice in Wonderland Party for Kaitlyn but my Son's Camp Out Party went just a tad overboard so we decided that this year we would do it so that l could plan it properly!  Byron and Kaitlyn's Birthdays are only 2 weeks a part so 2 parties in that space of time well l just don't have enough SPACE!!!  So they are now alternating the years they have a BIG party so that Mummy doesn't have a meltdown!

flower shop small cake box by Meri Meri
pretty pansies cupcake kit by Meri Meri

     l have started with the planning for the party and thought it would be cute to be a tea party for the girls and they can decorate some cupcakes and then take home in some gorgeous boxes.  l found some that are just so DEVINE but l am having problems buying them!!  NOW FANCY THAT!!!  Think it is making my hubby happy because l may just have to resort to making them myself!  It really is driving me bonkers as l contacted Meri Meri directly and then they put me onto the Australian distributor but there seems to be no one stocking their Bake me a Cake range which is just Wonderful and whimsical and l could buy the whole lot on credit card of course!! hahaha!  So l then contacted one of my favourite Party stores LARK but it looks like they won't be stocking them either so now l either need to become a wholesaler or make them myself!  So yep looks like l will have to make them so thank goodness l have like 4 months to figure out how to make a cupcake box look like a house!

Now for some good news ..... Julie from In Good Company did let me know that there were now some Alice In Wonderland Photo Booth Props available to go with the Alice In Wonderland Party Printable Pack that l am intending on using for Kaitlyn's Birthday or should l say Un Birthday??  So now l am just brimming with excitement and creative mojo!!  ohhhhhh could be fun to create a photo booth with the hall of pictures??  I just LOVE this company and their Party Printables are excellent value for money and they provide excellent instructions and if only they had a shop here in Melbourne l am sure l would be keeping them in business with all of the gorgeous items in their shop but at least we can still buy the Printables!  Check out their site it is FABULOUS!!  VERY VERY INSPIRING!!!  Even Amy Atlas thinks so and used their printables for the Bride in Wonderland Spread below featured in Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas.

Now l am considering postponing my Ken & Barbie Party until next year as l have not been feeling very well for quite a while but have been hesitant to do anything about it!! l still have the inspiration for the party but just not the drive to execute it!!  I will wait for my test results from the stomach ultrasound next Friday before l make any rash decisions though as l am also suffering with the flu! Argghhhhhh! I HATE feeling SICK!

However l do not want to leave on a negative note so l will post some of my favourite Tea Party Inspired items from LARK!!  Gosh l LOVE LOVE This Shop!  If you too want to have a bit of a Larkmade in your life then check out their site
Truly Scrumptious Cake Stand
Utterly Scrumptious Teapot Vase
Cath Kidston Flatpack Picnic Set
Ok so bye for now and l hope you LOVE my latest entry as l seem to be in a LOVEY DOVEY Mood today!

Kiss Hug Kiss 

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