{Create} How to make Giant Freckle Party Favours Tutorial

As l write this little tutorial for you all l am quite sad, as my faithful friend of nearly 10 years has died!  She has seen our family grow over the years and captured all of our special moments.  She has been there to capture those newborn milestones, as well as all the memorable parties and of course she has been my ever faithful blog companion...she is my Minolta 7D Camera!

These are the last images l was able to capture before her on/off switch decided to disintegrate in my firm and loving hands! So may her memory live on in the many images she captured over the years and the joy she has brought to our family!  With this blog post l commemorate my Minolta 7D who lovingly provided these images in her final moments for this Giant Freckle tutorial.

These Giant Freckles are so so easy to make and are perfect for Party Favours!  I mean who doesn't love chocolate and sprinkles??  Such perfect companions!

So here is a list of supplies required to create your very own Giant Freckles!

What you need:

Mont Marte Paint Mixing Trays
White, Milk or Dark Chocolate Chips (choice is yours!)
Sprinkles in whatever colour combo you desire!
Clear Cello Bags and Pretty Paper for Packaging
Glassine Bags for Packaging and a Thank You Tag!  

These Mont Marte Paint Trays are the perfect mold for giant freckles or you could try a large muffin tray alternatively.

You can use white, dark or milk chocolate and melt in the microwave at 30 sec intervals until almost melted and stir until fully melted and smooth.

Sprinkles are so much fun..try experimenting and making your own mix or use one colour to match your colour scheme!

How to make:

Fill your molds with about 3 teaspoons of melted chocolate and tap to remove any air bubbles.

Cover generously with your chosen sprinkles!

Pop these pretties into the fridge to set.. approx 10 minutes.

Remove from fridge and gently loosen by pressing the bottom of the mold.

Flip them out by turning over the mold.

Whoo Hoo now you have some Giant Freckle Favours ready to package!

I cut some patterned paper to fit inside a 14cm x 11cm cello bag and then package into glassine bags.
Add a pretty Thank You Tag with some washi tape or use a punch and attach with string and your favours are all done!  A BIG Thanks to Diletta from Todi Boutique for these gorgeous custom made tags!

I hope you have all enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget to Bake, Create and Celebrate!



  1. these are soooo yummy Larissa! Sure I will try it. Thanks.. XOXO

  2. What chocolate do you use? I tried Dove and it was pretty messy and wouldn't set.