{Interview} 5 minutes with Sara from Confetti Sunshine

The lovely Sara from Confetti Sunshine has been one of my blogging idols for quite some time now, so l was so excited when she agreed to collaborate on Audrey's Cake & Confetti Party!  I am truly inspired by Sara's creative ideas and her generosity and look forward to sharing the printables she created for Audrey's Party, but for now l thought we would get to know our collaborators a bit more!!  l have come up with a "5 minutes with" segment so we can get to know a little more about these lovely ladies and what influences them creatively and in their everyday lives. 

The Interview
1.  How long have you been working as a Graphic Artist/ Blogger?
I started my current blog, Confetti Sunshine, just over a year ago. Before that I had been blogging and working in the scrapbook industry for 6 years.  
2.  Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I actually really like to follow the fashion industry for inspiration. I aways find fashion trends finding their ways into parties and design. Such as watercolor, for an example. I also like to be inspired by the everyday. I like to take something we do or use and find a way to dress it up, or use it in a party.   
3.  How would you define your personal style and how does this influence your work?
A personal style? Do I have to choose one? My personal style would probably be coined as "undecided". I am always trying to stretch myself and try new styles. I love modern, vintage, retro, minimalist, indie, shabby chic, and more. As long as the design is well done, I am up for trying any style. I guess this influences my work since I am never stuck doing the same thing. I love always trying new things. 

4.  Do you have music playing as you work and if so what are a few of your favourite artists?
I usually play pandora on my computer, which is great and horrible at the same time. I don't remember hardly any names of the artists I love since it shuffles through them. But, I do like Ingrid Michaelson, Florence and the Machine, & Civil Wars 
5.  What's the most important thing you do for yourself each day?
Playing with my daughters, and spending time with my husband. Being a wife & mother is the more important thing in my life. 
6.  What are the 3 essential things you can't live without?
God, my family, & dreams 
7.  Do you have a motto you live by?
"What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" 
8.  What advice would you give someone just starting out in your industry?
Be yourself. Find what makes you happy, and do it. It has taken me years to figure out what I really enjoy doing. Once I did figured it out, I was more successful than ever. It takes less effort and more happiness to be successful at something you love. 
9.  What is the driving force behind your success?
I started this company when I was pregnant with my second daughter, I am not sure why that motivated me to start a company and blog, but it did. It might have been extreme nesting. I had to organize and plan an entire business/blog. But, I was looking for something to express my creativity, help my family out financially, involve my daughters, and plan pretty parties! 
10. Who are your idols or the people you most admire?
I am odd in the fact that, I don't have idols. I do admire people that have worked hard to accomplish things in their life. But, I also believe that we are all equal. If I see someone I admire, I figure out what I admire about them and incorporate that aspect of my life. I don't want anyone to idolize me or anyone. We are all just as important as anyone else.

Thanks so much Sara for taking the time to answer these questions!!  It has been such a pleasure working with you and getting to know you!  I hope you have all enjoyed getting to know Sara a little more too!!  Her blog is full of great party inspiration, free printables and DIY tutorials and she also has a shop that you must check out too!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and don't forget to Bake, Create and Celebrate!

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  1. Very inspiring! Love that photo of her family :) So beautiful!