{Interview} 5 minutes with Jacqui from The Iced Biscuit

The lovely Jacqui from The Iced Biscuit is another one of the delightful collaborators for Audrey's Confetti & Cake Party!  I have really enjoyed working with Jacqui and getting to know her over the past month!  Now you can find out a bit more about this talented lady too, with our little 5 minutes with interview segment!


The Interview 

1.  How long have you been working as a cookie artist?  
I baked and decorated my first biscuit for my son's first birthday in November 2011.  I sold my first biscuit for Easter in 2012! So that makes it a year now. 

2.  Where do you draw your inspiration from?  
I love looking through magazines but these days I find myself spending more time browsing blogs and online resources.  I also get inspiration from cookiers all over the world.  There are so many amazingly talented and creative people to inspire and motivate me. 
3.  How would you define your personal style and how does this influence your work? 
Classic, not fussy.  I love a bit of colour and soft pretty things. 

4.  Do you have music playing as you work and if so what are a few of your favourite artists? 
I like a bit of quiet time… I have a 2 year old so it doesn't happen often!  I sometimes have the television  on in the background.

5.  What's the most important thing you do for yourself each day? 
I spend time operating and growing my business – I love what I do and I do it for me.

6.  What are the 3 essential things you can't live without? 
If we're talking on a purely Biscuit level, I would say My Cookie Thing, my Kitchen Aid Platinum and I guess my Macbook Pro. 

7.  Do you have a motto you live by? 
If you're going to do something, do it properly. (Not very exciting)

8.  What advice would you give someone just starting out in your industry? Practice, practice, practice! Don't compare yourself to others, you need to develop your own style. Price your work realistically, don't be tempted to be too cheap to win business, you will regret it later.

9.  What is the driving force behind your success? 
I produce high quality products with great
attention to detail.  I am professional and adaptable and I love what I do.

10. Who are your idols or the people you most admire?
Marian from Sweetopia, Lilaloa, Sugarbelle… there are so many amazing Cookie Artists the list could go on and on.

Thanks so much Jacqui for taking the time to answer these questions and letting us know a bit more about what inspires you!  I hope you have all enjoyed getting to know another one of our talented collaborators and seeing their work showcased!

Take Care and don't forget to Bake, Create and Celebrate!

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  1. This may sound simple but this is very important and so true! I totally agree. :) This is a really nice read!