{Create} Sweet Inspiration from Sweetapolita

Over the weekend l was frantically searching the web for some inspiring ideas for Kaitlyn's 7th Very Merry Unbirthday Party and trying to figure out how l was going to have all the elements of her party cohesively fit together and not become a chaotic mess!!!  However a little chaos would be quite fitting in with her party theme but l can't help but try and make things pretty and co ordinate as it is so deeply ingrained into my psyche so The Alice Party is proving to be more difficult than l ever had imagined!!!

So l was pleasantly relieved when l came across a post from Rosie from Sweetapolita called A Madish Tea Party which took prettiness to a new level for me and inspired some magical ideas!  How can you not fall in love with this beautiful tea party??  And what was even better is that Rosie posts the recipes to go with her lovely photos so you too can recreate her masterpieces!  I have always loved to bake a cake but now l am inspired by her ruffles and layers of deliciousness that l am going to attempt my first ever ruffle cake and try and recreate 7 of them for Kaitlyn's Party as each girl needs to have a cake to celebrate their Unbirthday too!!!  I had already decided that each girl was going to decorate their very own cupcakes to take home as a favour but also thought they could indulge in celebrating their Unbirthday and blow out a candle when it was cake time but now after seeing these amazing cakes l am very tempted to make each girl a mini ruffle cake as they look so scrumptious but maybe that will be a bit OTT??  But seriously when don't l go over the top???  My brother has made a very good point that when people come to my parties they don't bring a plate with them they take one home instead!!  I just can't help but want to bake and create all things pretty and so now l am inspired to master the ruffle as well as the macaron!!

Thank you Rosie for creating such scrumptiousness and for inspiring me to take cake to a new level of deliciousness! You are a Cake Goddess!  So please have a look at Sweetapolita and her wonderful cake and confectionery recipes as they are worth dying and going to heaven for!!! http://sweetapolita.com/blog/  and you can follow her on facebook and be updated with her amazingness!  Or you can see her Madish Tea Party in it's full glory here: http://sweetapolita.com/2011/06/ruffles-roses-a-madish-tea-party/#comment-9084

I will be posting more on Kaitlyn's party preparations and ideas over the coming weeks as l have a lot to prepare and share!

Take Care and remember to Bake, Create and Celebrate!

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