{Bake} Valentines Day: Vanilla Cake for two and Carnation Petit Fours

Ok l know this post comes a little too late but hey better than never!  Sorry l have had a most exhausting week and have failed to write this early as l had planned!!  So this will be the quickest post l have ever written l think!!!

Last week l had a bit of fun in the kitchen and made vanilla cake and rose water macarons with a Turkish delight infused white chocolate ganache!!  Yes a complete mouthful!!!  Don't think that will appear in recipe books anytime soon! hahahaha! Finally my French Macarons worked!!  I followed the basic macaron recipe created by Steph from Raspberri Cupcakes and finally l have found a method that actually works!!  So here is her recipe for some delicious Strawberry Balsamic Macarons! http://www.raspberricupcakes.com/2011/10/balsamic-strawberry-butter-cake.html

I also transformed my Vanilla Cake into a cupcake cake for two with cute white chocolate spoons and a fondant heart and finally white chocolate coated vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream!  I had lots of fun testing out a new piping method where you paint food colour on inner of piping bag and then press together and then put in your butter cream and start to pipe until the colours blend!!  It was so fun to do and created the prettiest icing ever!  I will definitely be using this method more often!  So much fun!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Evening!

Kisses and Hugs


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