{Create} Novelty Cakes....The Good, The Bad and The UGLY!!

I know l have been a bit quiet of late with my Blog entries but l have been so super busy that l have not really had to much time to sit down and write or maybe l have not had the courage!!

You see my ego took quite a beating a few weeks back, when l had an ABSOLUTE Fondant Disaster and it has taken nearly a month for me to recover!!  I was about to give up baking FOREVER!!  Of course we all have a few disasters here and there but l have never had one where someone was relying on me to deliver the perfect cake!!  I do have to blame it partially on the weather but it was my poor time management that let me down as well as my cake decorating supplier!!

I was absolutely devastated when l turned up the day before my cake was due to find out my supplier did not have the product l had ordered and that they also had no intention of getting it in for me but had failed to communicate that to me!!  So when l turned up to collect my White Chocolate Fondant l was in disbelief that it was not there!!

Luckily for me Let's Celebrate Parties http://www.letscelebrateparties.com.au/ was there to the rescue and supplied me with a lovely Satin Ice Buttercream flavoured Icing which is absolutely DELICIOUS and far superior to the white chocolate fondant l had been using for 10 years!

Unfortunately due to weather conditions my Thomas cake did not turn out as l had intended and poor Thomas looked like he really needed a trip to the repair shop for a bit of Botox!!  I was so devastated and spent an hr or so crying as l tried to complete the cake as l could not start over!!  If only l had the fondant a few days before this would not have happened or if l had applied the fondant topper straight away then his face would not  have cracked and looked wrinkled!!  The concept was there and the cake did look quite good but was just not of my high standards so l felt like l was a total failure!!

I have since overcome my fear of fondant and recently produced quite a cute cake for a lovely friend at my husband's work whom they nickname smurfette!  I had lots of fun creating this novelty cake and it was a lovely suprise ordered by one of her colleagues and a close friend of mine!!  It was a 4 layer chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese ganache and then covered in Buttercream Flavoured Fondant! TRULY DELICIOUS!!

So this past month has had it's highs and its lows... it has been good... bad... and ugly (puffy eyes ugly) but l have learned so much and are truly grateful for all of my lovely supporters who kept my spirits up and had faith in my abilities!!  I would especially like to thank Amanda from https://www.facebook.com/redwagonevents who has been an amazing support, along with my family and friends!

Love Ya's All!

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  1. WOW!!! Larissa,I am going to try the Satin Ice Buttercream Fondant!! Will be in touch with you:)