{Celebrate} Halloween Cupcakes and Spider Web Chocolate Tart

Last week l got into the Halloween Spirit and created some yummy treats for a lovely evening shared with my gorgeous friends and their families!  Halloween is not normally a tradition we celebrate but l had so much fun getting my spook on this year and getting a bit spookalicious in the kitchen!  I also had a bit too much fun turning Byron into a Zombie complete with fake blood and ash skin!!

It was a great night and the kids had such a great time trick or treating!  It is definitely not like it is in America but still a lot of families participated in this FUN Tradition this year, so the kids came home with a nice goodie bag of candy and even some licorice which l think was a trick!!!

For Dessert I made some chocolate cupcakes for the kids with a chocolate ganache and pumpkin and red back spider toppers made out of white chocolate fondant which l had a lot of fun sculpting!!  I then made my easy chocolate ganache tart for the adults http://sweetonparties.blogspot.com/2011/09/deliciously-easy-chocolate-frangelico.html and topped it with Wiltons white chocolate fudge pen and another red back spider!!  

So remember to Bake, Create and Celebrate!!

Take Care & Bye for now!

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