{Celebrate} A Little Backyard Sweetness!

It has been a very hectic few weeks here and obviously some sort of astrological  force is in my house of health!!  We seem to be on a bit of a merry go round with sickness circling around us and wondering when it will end??

My poor little girl Kaitlyn got terribly ill with her Asthma 2 weeks ago and suffered one of the worst attacks yet but now she is on new medication and is breathing easy!!  It was rather scary when she was not responding to the medications and l was dreading that she might be hospitalised but with many trips to the doctor she is now 100% better!

Unfortunately she had to have a week off from school to recover but this gave me an excuse to have a little picnic in the backyard!!  Audrey really loved having her Big Sister home and had been nagging me for quite a while to have a picnic in the backyard but this was back in winter and finally the sun came out so l indulged in the idea!!

Unfortunately it was a little too hot and after about 10 minutes of eating yoghurt with raspberries and sipping on Pink Lemonade we decided it was time for some sprinkler fun!!

I was so happy to capture these photos of the girls having fun in the sun!!  We ended the day with some yummy mini cupcakes with frosting out of a can and chocolate chips of course!!

The Girls loved it!!  A SWEET Day indeed! Pitty Byron wasn't able to join in on the fun but we managed to save him some sweet treats to eat!

So remember to Bake, Create and Celebrate!
Bye for now...

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