{Bake} Celebrate 2012 with an icy treat!

It has definitely been a hot start to 2012 and the past 2 days we have spent it down at the beach enjoying the sun and frolicking in the water!  It has been nice to welcome in 2012 with a bit of fun in the sun and l feel a real sense of calm or maybe that is just heat exhaustion??  No seriously after such a busy end of the year it has been so nice just to spend time together as a family and not have to rush anywhere!! I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a year of discovery for me where l learn a little more about myself and where l fit in this big wide world and l am hoping that this tranquil feeling remains with me through out the year!! (oohhh that was deep wasn't it??)  I have been so relaxed the past two days that l haven't even ventured into the kitchen and so feeling a little inspired today by the left over cranberry juice from NYE Cosmopolitans l decided to make an icy treat for the kids!! Ohhh and for us grown ups but next time l think l might make a Cosmopoiltan Icy Pole! Mmmmm Delish!
So here is a super duper easy recipe but it might be best to make in the evening to avoid the continual "Is it ready yet??" Whining from the kids!!


Cranberry Juice
Frozen Raspberries
Icy Pole Moulds

Place Frozen Raspberries into moulds and fill halfway and then top with cranberry juice and pop in sticks and put into freezer for 3-4 hours.  To remove from moulds just place mould under running tap to loosen and then pull out and enjoy!!

These are rather tart but we all LOVE cranberry juice in our house but you could easily do apple juice or puree some mangoes!!  It really is so easy to make icy poles and nice to know exactly what is in them!!

So l hope you have all had a wonderful start to 2012 and l look forward to new discoveries and sharing them with you all through out the year!!


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