{Celebrate} What is pink, blue, red and has stripes all over it?? The Mooo Party Range and it is Stripealicious!

Cute Stripey Party Range from mooo.com.au
Ok l think you can tell by the title of this post that l am rather excited?????  Who would have thought on my quest for school labels l would come across a company that sells high quality paper party goods??  Well l certainly didn't!!!

I think l am in love with Mooo and would love to put together a pink and red stripey dessert table with their gorgeous party range for Valentines Day!! Who would have thought label shopping could inspire such creativity!! Hahaha! I know l always find it hard to find a party range where everything matches completely from table wear, to napkins, to loot bags and decorations and even straws but Moo has thought of it all... the only thing l would want as well are invitations but ...oh wait a second.... l think they are coming to the website too???  It is great to have a one stop shop where you can get everything you need for a party and not only does everything co ordinate perfectly but it is at a nice price too!!

Gorgeous Paper Chain Kits from Mooo.com.au
Sweet Paper Bowls from Mooo.com.au
Lovely Loot Bags from Mooo.com.au
So hop on over to Mooo http://www.mooo.com.au/party for your next party and make it stripealicious in Red, Pink or Blue!! Oh and they also have 20% off!!  YAY!!

I will be back in the kitchen this week dreaming up some new recipes and hopefully getting a chance to photograph them before the kids eat them all!!!

Take Care
Larissa  XOXO

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