{Celebrate} Audrey's Fairy and Wizards Party

Twas the night before Audrey's Party,
and not all was done
there were meringues and paper flowers
that kept us up 'til 1!

I dreamed of the macaroon tower
which never got made
and all of the sweets that
yet needed to be displayed!

I woke in the morning
to the sun shining bright
l then knew that everything
would be all right!

The weather was perfect
who could ask for more ...
then came my helpers
1, 2 ,3, 4 ...

We all worked hard
through out the morn
making and creating
and then the party was born!!

Out came the wizards
and the fairies
all for little Audrey
who was turning 3!

Oh such fun
to see them play
on such a fine
and beautiful day

This party could not
have been done
without the help
from everyone!!!

So Thank You
from Audrey and me
for helping create
the Perfect Party!
Thank you to my kitchen team who worked so hard making all the savory food -
my Mum Viv, my sister in law Em, and sister in law to be Deb and thanks to dear Nikki who was very sick but still worked tirelessly making the girls look gorgeous and helping with all the jobs that needed to be done!!

Thank you to my set up and decorating team -
my gorgeous husband Lawrence and my wonderful brother Alex who worked very hard to make my vision a reality and to Simon for helping tie up 90 balloons!!

Thank you to Kym for your delicious quiches and Camille and Jaime for your sweet treats!

Thank you to Rea for being my Fairy for the day and doing such a Brilliant job!

So here are some pictures for us to share of Audrey's 3rd Birthday Party

The sign and tissue flowers set the mood for the party!

So many Balloons and flowers everywhere!
Pretty lanterns were also hung
The dessert table
Pretty Cupcake Cases and Toppers from Robert Gordon
The meringue mushrooms in the berry forest
Pretty Crown Vanilla cookies
The delicious brownie toadstool cake pops
The drinks station complete with enchanted punch
The Fairy bread was a favourite
The party was a hoot!
The Tepee which inspired the party!
Fairy Rea starting the magical transformations
Millie knew exactly how she wanted her face painted!  Only Pink Please!
Wizard Byron up to his usual tricks!
Gorgeous Audrey and Lucinda just can't wait for Face Paint!
Audrey and Cooper play in the Tepee
The Craft Station

The wizard and fairy wands ready to go!
mmmmm now which ribbon do l want??
Kaitlyn and her wand creation
Olivia and Kaitlyn showing off their wands
Millie and Olivia obviously enjoying the Dessert buffet!

They boys and their creations
Fairy and Goblin Dust ready to make
What a gorgeous sunny day!
Aunty Em with Lucy!
Gorgeous Evangeline went the healthy option!
The giant bubble ball was a Huge hit! Ali getting in on the action!
Audrey with Millie flittering about in the garden
Fairy Ariane was on a mission to conquer the trampoline!
Happy Birthday Audrey!!  I hope you had a wonderful day!!


  1. WOW what a beautiful Party! It looks like sooo much fun! Makes me want to be a little girl again.

    We loved the use of the Grace Taylor pappers and embelishments and the craft station. Ohhh and how could I forget all those tasty treats!!!

    Lot's of love,

    The team at Grant Sudios- www.grant.com.au