Hello Blogworld!

Ok so l have started a blog and l really am not sure if anyone is going to read this but l hope someone out there might also be a party addict and will share my enthusiasm when it comes to planning a PARTY!  At the moment l am in party countdown mode and only have 6 more days until my daughter Audrey turns 3!  We decided that she would have a Fairy Party but l couldn't help but be swept up in the thought of creating a wonderful magical atmosphere for her birthday.  It all started when l found the most gorgeous tepee for her birthday which you guessed it had fairies on it so l thought wow this could be fun for the kids to play in and could also be a where  we create magical transforming makeovers!!!  And yes so it began .... l then of course had to have some fake grass which l picked up from Bunnings and then browsing the net l saw so many pretty things and yes one thing led to another and now l am addicted to making macaroons and mushroom meringues!!  I will post some pictures of my creations which of course are still in the experimental phase and hopefully l will remember to capture some photos of the BIG day on Sunday!  So for now l will leave blog world and put myself to bed!

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