Fairy Party Countdown

This past week l have had so much fun creating and decorating for Audrey's 3rd Birthday Party!!  At one point l was wondering if there were too many elements and whether this would make the party look just a little too Frou Frou!!!  But now seeing it all come together l am getting quite excited!!  

I have been very busy getting the kids to help me too but Audrey gets bored quite easily and it has been a hard task distracting her from all the lolly pops, marshmallows and lollies lying about the house!!  Of course there has been some taste testing along the way just to ensure quality standards!!!  The mallow sticks l bought are just simply delicious and l have to admit l ate 2 for lunch yesterday!!! hahaha!

So here are some pics of the items l have created and decorated this week and l have to say the hot glue gun has become my best friend however my poor little burnt fingers would prefer it otherwise!! (oh by the way l do use a lot of !!!! as it is a bad habit of mine) Well l hope you enjoy this glimpse and l will post more photos of the party after Sunday!

The mosquito net given to me by Sarah from Happy Bumbles which l pimped with Jewelle flowers
The ribbon box l made for the girls to make their fairy flower wands
This was so much fun to make and oh so pretty!
The lolly jars and tins with pretty ribbon collars
The pretty Jewelle branches with butterflies and flowers designed by Kaitlyn and glued by me!
These butterflies and flowers were created using Grace Taylor Paper Crafts by Grant Archival
The Fondant Flower Fairy l made!!  She ended up being a bit on the plump side but very cute!
The back of my Flower Fairy!! She was so much fun to make!
The pretty stool l picked up at the op shop and reupholstered.  It will now take pride of place for the fairy make overs!
The wizards party bags which the kids decorated and the gigantic magical bouncing balls

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