Meringues, Macaroons and Mushrooms

Chocolate Mushroom Meringues inspired by Maida Heatter
Mushroom Cake Pops inspired by Bakerella

My Girls Collecting Veggies from the garden for homemade tomato chutney which Dad made!

Raspberry jam and chocolate macaroons and pops inspired by Bakerella and Adriano Zumbo!  
I hope you like this little glimpse of my adventures in the kitchen this past week!  Thanks so much Nikki for giving me the courage to try to bake macaroons.  The quest has now begun to find the perfect recipe to master this delicious biscuit!!


  1. I need to get your macaroon recipe! I have to give it a go! Awesome blog... love the colors and everything!

  2. Thanks Anj!! For anyone that is seriously wanting to get baking French macaroons right from the very first bake then you must check out this link!
    I wish l had found it before the numerous baking attempts! My last batch were flat and chewy and such a disappointment so l am baking them the italian way where you make a sugar syrup and add to egg whites like when you make nougat.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to go look at that link right now!